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Approximately one in three of your employees and members may have pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is when blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. Without intervention, pre-diabetes can progress to type 2 diabetes.

The Annual Burden of Diabetes on the U.S. Healthcare System

  • $237BILLION in direct medical cost1
  • $90BILLION in lost productivity1
  • $16,750PER YEAR is the average medical expense incurred by those with type 2 diabetes2


1. American Diabetes Association. Economic Costs of Diabetes in the US in 2017. Diabetes Care. 2018; 41(5): 917-928.

2. Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group. Reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes with lifestyle intervention or metformin. N Engl J Med. 2002;346(6):393-403.

How our DPP Program can help

Prime Care Health Solutions has expertise with assessing, enrolling and engaging employees and members at risk for diabetes. This makes the experience seamless for you and your employees and members.

We help participants learn to apply sustainable changes to their nutrition, activity levels, sleep, and stress through an in person modality that involves a social network of support from partipants facing similar challeges We also apply interactive coaching combined with a wealth of educational tools and resources for added support.

Our TEAM diabetes prevention program can drive positive behavioral change for your employees and members. We leverage the expertise of our trained lifestyle health coaches, peer support, and extensive educational tools and resources that allows your members to get a deeply personalized lifestyle intervention program to help them reach their unique goals.

Benefits of Our Program


There is no risk in offering the program to everyone. Only pay when your employees and members enroll in our program and after they acheive targeted health outcomes

There is clinical evidence to support that participant continue to benefit from reduced progression to type-2 diabetes years after participating in a diabetes prevention program like Prime Care Health Solutions DPP program. Our program has also be shown to offer participants added clinical benefits such as more energy, improved sleep, less knee and joint pressure and overall better mood

Our program produces positive health outcomes for participants that are meaningful to employers and payers which translates to decreased work absenteeism among employees and reduced healthcare cost among plan members

How Employers & Payers can help

Offering Prime Care Health Solution’s Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle change program as a covered benefit to your employees and members can help you improve their overall health and reduce medical expenses attributed to type-2 diabetes.

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